ADI Part 3 remedial training

We specialise in helping students with their ADI Part 3 Instructional Training. If you’re having trouble, don't worry you're not alone. Over the years Tony Phillips has helped countless trainees to get through their ADI Part 3.

Being a highly qualified Driving Instructor Trainer, I have great experience at Part 3 Remedial Training. If you can’t get Part 3 training when you need it or if you feel you’re being let down, contact me for some good quality driving instructor training. I can help you to understand how to give good driving instruction and pass that ADI Part 3 exam!

On our first session, we’ll see what it is that you’re doing right and then see where it’s going wrong! We’ll work on the principal of “if it isn’t wrong, don’t fix it!” In other words let’s keep in what you’re able to do well, take out the bits that are not quite so good then replace them with something better. It’s as simple as that! The key is for me to help you to help yourself.

Please read my article on the ADI PART 3 EXAM - Real Lesson Comparison.

If you would like to know more about ADI Part 3 training, or have any other questions I encourage you to contact me now.

There is a lot more information about all aspects of the process on my driving instructor training FAQ's page.